Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Monkey Swear!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

So Ed called me Thursday to have lunch down at Dreamworks before he took off with Court on Friday to Laika. The Dreamworks cafeteria served Stromboli(Not the villain but the pie) and Jen had one serving and Ed and I had two apiece.

After desserts of ice cream and cake, Jen,Ed and myself sat on a bench in front of Dreamworks main courtyard waterfall. Here we talked about the upcoming Cars and what Ed was going to do at Laika. And then the conversation chaged when Jen pointed out Nicholas Marlet walking in front of us with sketchbook in tow.

Jen looked at Nicholas sideways so to not be seen nerding out in Public. I was happy to finally put a face to the name"Nicholas Marlet: and Ed, well, Ed just started hollering like a schoolgirl at a Beatles concert. Despicable.

We noticed that Nicholas had his sketchbook in tow so we all wondered what wonderful cool art would be in it. Jen mentioned that it was probabbly a phonebook for all we knew. And then Ed and I started talking about maybe asking Nicholas to let us see his sketchbook. Jen mentioned that not only was that unprofessional but Nicholas was a shy person. So I came up with an idea to be executed by both me and Ed.


So ED started practicing.

And then both Ed and I went into Nicholas-Marlet-Ass-Kicking-Mode.

Ed "Hulked" out as I kneeled behind Nicholas.

For me being a big guy, I was like a ninja on cat's feet.

Jen didn't realize the efficiency that both Ed and I worked as a team until Nicholas was on the floor bleeding and Ed and I hi-fived each other at our conquest. Then Jen yelled at us to give Nicholas his sketchbook back. But when we didnt, she ran after us.

Bad Idea Jen...Very bad idea...

Because Ed hulked out again and went after her in all his rage as I headed towards the Dreamworks parking lot where some Kung Fu Panda animators were returning back from lunch.

After putting Jen in traction, Ed and I found a quiet spot in the parking garage and thumbed through the book.

Ed was very happy about this new posession.

But when it seemed it was all fine and dandy, Ed got possesive about the book and we got into a fight.

The fight was so bad that I dropped a hundred pounds of weight and instantly grew hair on my chest and head.Its a miracle!

After hours of flip kicks and running on tree branches,I won the fight and Ed ended going somwhere else besides Laika.

That blonde guy at the casket is Court placing flowers out of respect for the dead Ed.

Then I finally opened the book and saw that it was Nicholas phone book. Jen was right! I leafed through it and found Jeffrey Katzenbergs number. I dialed it and told him how much I loved the mac and cheese they served in the Dreamworks cafeteria.